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Nigel Packham Druckgrafik von Atelier Block 16 wesse Mappe 1993

In 1993 six Block 16 artists issued ‚The White Portfolio’ containing 13 colour and two black/white prints, plus an invitation and information card, painted over with colour felt tips by yours truly. The prints are designed to be hung on the wall and are deliberately not signed to emphasise the joint nature of the work and to test the possibilities of selling art offset print editions.
Available in
Atelier Block 16 , price EUR 20. more illustrations
Here the artists involved, with the number of their prints in brackets: Fleischer(2), Kadolph(2), Kurowski (2), Nentwig(1), Packham(4), Plotter(4). Deutschsprachiger Version dieser Text bei Atelier Block 16

Recently I’ve been contributing to Daniel Behrendt’s ‘der dialog’ Einseitenzeitschrift (single page art paper).
I contributed regularly to Daniel’s and Götz Bergmann’s 'diearschbombe', single page art magazine.

‘Rock Samples’
 is an autolithographical artist’s book  combining 60’s and 70’s Progressive Rock lyrics quotes with illuminated black and white lithography.

Recent Print Editions
Empire and Verstand, lithography, CARTAS portfolio , 2002, Edition = 16


1.Druckgrafik  HBK Brunswick 1983

2.Die zur Heilung gehörige Kunst AOK1985

3."Man kann ja nie wissen-"
Hommage à Kurt Schwitters  BBK 1986

4.Biennale `86 BBK Hannover, 1986

5.Helmke 5a- 2. Herbstausstellung  Ateliergemeinschaft1986

6. 73. Herbst Ausstellung Niedersächische Künstler
  Kunstverein, Hannover 1986

7. bbk ‘87, Landesausstellung der BBK Niedersachsen

8.Kunstkiste Hannover  AG Kunst 1992

9.Camel in Art  R.J. Reynolds 1992

10.Les Aventures publicitaires d`un Dromadaire
Musée de la Publicité  aux Arts decoratifs,
Louvre, Paris1992

11.Korrespondenz/Korespondencja  Kubus Hannover, Galerie,  2000
Erhältlich nur im Kubus. Preis: 10 EUR.)

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Thomas Kurowski illustrated from 'The Book', offset working proof, publisher workshop hannover, artist Nigel Packham Re-worked illustration from 'The Book', offset print working proof, publisher workshop hannover, artist Nigel Packham  

above: working proofs. Proofs from ‘The Book’ 1991 of the Workshop Kunst series, published by workshop hannover, which have been re-worked with a view to (fictional) future editions.
The Thomas referred to in the left-hand picture is my old friend and colleague, Thomas Kurowski, famous for his religous paintings. Click on small picture for enlargement.

Nigel Packham  The Book  Reihe Workshop Kunst 1991
This is printmaker`s book containing 24 six-colour prints by the artist.
Available from
Atelier Block 16, Edwin-Oppler-Weg 14, 30167 Hanover and workshop hannover, Lister Meile 4, 30161 Hanover 
Tel: +49-511-34 47 11.
Price: 5 EUR.

Nigel Packham  The Book ist ein druckgrafisches Werk das 24 Sechsfarbdrücke des Kunstlers beinhaltet. Erhältlich bei Workshop e.V.,Lister Meile 4, 30161 Hannover, Tel: 0511-34 47 11 und in Atelier Block 16, Edwin-Oppler-Weg 14, 30167 Hannover Tel: 0511-714199
 (Text Deutsch)
Preis 5 EUR

Lindener Druckkalender 1986 Kalender in original Offsetlithographie Technik,
mit Fruttuoso (Mao) Piccolo.
Camel in Art Kalender 1992, published by R.J. Reynolds

Name    Author   Publisher Year

Revue Mars   Titze/Sturm  The Authors  1978
Oktopus-Gedichte  Werner Jakob Stüber  bläschke 1983
Der Schnupperer   Giancarlo Sordon   abc Verlag  1987
Der Regelsprenger   Karsten Sturm  Cracked Eggs   1993
ISBN 3-910067-53-0
Die Schaumschlägerin  Karsten Sturm  Cracked Eggs   1994
ISBN 3-910067-57-3


Die neue Kollektion LP  Mythen in Tüten   No Fun Recs.1980
Blau Pause LP  Blau Pause  No Fun Recs.1982
The Red Rhino(CD)   Red Rhino   Pro Sound Recs.1998
Pro Sound Recs Tel: +49-511-31 31 33

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